About Us

As Myk Consulting, our company was founded in 2024; It serves our valued customers in the fields of financial consultancy, web design, health consultancy and mining. We are growing with the aim of providing unique services based on the principles of trust, transparency, fast, accurate, permanent solutions and using the latest technologies.


Our Mission

To help our customers manage their financial processes in a transparent and understandable way by producing solutions for their needs. In terms of web design, designing aesthetic and functional sites that will reflect your brand value. In both areas, it is a priority for us to provide you with innovative solutions that save time and optimize costs.


Our Vision

To be a referenced leader in the sector. To maximize customer satisfaction by using leading technologies in financial consultancy and web design services. To position the Myk Consulting brand as the symbol of reliability and quality in its field.


Our Values

Trust: We attach great importance to transparency and honesty in all our business processes. We establish a bond based on trust in our relations with our customers. Transparency: In your financial transactions and web design processes, we clearly report and explain every step. Thus, you can easily keep track of all your transactions. Fast, Accurate and Permanent Solutions: Time is precious. With this awareness, we focus on producing fast and effective solutions to your needs. By taking a proactive approach to your problems, we speed up your business. As Myk Consulting, we are here not only to provide you with a service, but also to be a strong partner with you in your business processes. We are here to maximize the potential of your business and ensure that you gain a solid foothold in the digital world. Contact us and let's shape the future of your business together.