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As Myk Consulting, our company was founded in 2024; It serves our valued customers in the fields of financial consultancy, web design, health consultancy and mining. 

Financial Consultancy and Financial Audit

Financial Consultancy

As Myk Consulting, we are here to protect the financial health of your company and to provide high standards of service in your financial transactions. With our professional team, we provide various services in the field of financial consultancy

Tax Consultancy

We make strategic plans for institutions to fulfill their tax obligations correctly and on time, and we offer solutions in accordance with the legislation. We are with you in your tax planning, declaration preparation and tax refund processes.

Accounting Management

In addition to your daily accounting transactions, we provide full support in the preparation of financial statements, financial reporting and budgeting. We allow you to manage all your financial transactions in a transparent and understandable way.

Financial Consultancy

We produce tailor-made solutions for you in financial decision-making processes such as cash flow management, cost analysis and investment consultancy. We provide strategic guidance to improve the financial performance of your business.

Our Financial Audit Services

Financial audits are carried out to confirm the accuracy and compliance of companies' financial reports with legislation.

Independent Audit

We prepare independent audit reports by examining the financial statements of companies from an objective point of view according to national and international financial reporting standards. In this way, we increase the confidence of investors and other stakeholders.

Internal Audit

We provide internal audit services to increase the effectiveness of internal control systems, strengthen risk management processes and improve operational efficiency. In this process, we develop proactive solutions by identifying potential problems in advance.

Compliance Audit

We conduct regular audits to ensure that companies fully comply with legal regulations and internal policies. By minimizing legal risks, we contribute to the smooth running of your business processes.

With Myk Consulting, you can confidently guide your business in terms of financial discipline and strategic financial management, and put your financial decisions on solid foundations. Contact us to optimize the financial processes of your business and increase your competitive advantage in the market.

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Web Design & Software

Building a strong presence in the web world is now an inevitable necessity for brands. As "Myk Consulting", we offer innovative solutions that will strengthen your digital presence and make you stand out from the online competition.

Web Design: We increase your online visibility by designing websites that will attract users' attention, reflect your brand's identity, and are easy to navigate.

SEO Services: We accelerate your organic traffic gain with strategic SEO studies that will ensure that your site ranks high in search engines.

Graphic Design: We strengthen your brand image and increase your interaction with your target audience with graphics prepared with visual harmony and creativity.

Digital Marketing: With our effective digital marketing strategies, we expand your brand's online footprint and maximize your conversion rates.

E-Commerce Solutions:

By developing reliable and user-friendly e-commerce platforms, we increase your sales potential and facilitate your transaction processes.

User Experience Improvement (UX):

By analyzing users' site interactions, we offer design and functionality that will improve their experience.

Content Production : We improve your brand awareness and SEO performance by producing quality and engaging content that will reach your target audience.

Production & Post Production: We tell your story with visual and audio content and make a sensual impression on your brand.

Professional Text Translations: By translating text in multiple languages, we expand the global reach of your content and enable you to reach wider audiences.

Mobile Application and Software Development:

By leveraging the power of mobile technologies, we design applications that will ensure that your business is always accessible.

Business Software Solutions: We offer software solutions that automate your business processes, increase efficiency and provide ease of management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consultancy :

We optimize your business processes with artificial intelligence solutions and increase your business efficiency with data analytics and automation.

Each of our services is carefully shaped with the needs of you and your target audience in mind, supporting the success of your business in the online world. Start your digital transformation and take your business into the future with Myk Consulting.

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Health Consultancy and Health Tourism Services

As Myk Consultancy, we offer an end-to-end comprehensive service to our patients in the field of health tourism. 

As Myk Consultancy, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end service to our patients in the field of health tourism.


Within the scope of medical counseling;


  1. Medical consultancy service is provided 24/7.
  2. The health history and reports on the current health status, symptoms and tests related to the disease that the client will send to us are evaluated.
  3. Information is given about the current health problem; information is given about the treatment options and health centers where the patient can receive treatment.
  4. The patient is put in contact with the health center where he/she wants to receive treatment.
  5. When you decide to receive treatment, your health center appointments are arranged.
  6. The pre-authorization process is initiated.
  7. Necessary documents are prepared.
  8. Transportation and transfer support is organized.
  9. Guidance is provided during the treatment process and post-treatment rehabilitation processes.

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Mining and Mining Technologies

Make a difference in the mining sector with our mining consultancy and mining equipment supply services.


  • Mining machinery and equipment supply to mining companies,
  • Turnkey mineral processing plant installation projects,
  • Mine site procurement with feasibility report,
  • Supply of concentrated metallic ore,
  • Supply of high purity zinc, lead, aluminum and antimony ingots.

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